Make These Silly Pet Ornaments For The Animal Lover In Your Life

Get the camera out and tell Fido to say “cheese”.  These pet ornaments are an adorable stocking stuffer idea that any pet lover will go crazy for!

Who doesn’t love a gift that celebrates the furry center of their universe?  These precious ornaments are the perfect thing to make someone smile every time they look at the tree.

Barkpost shows us just how easily these come together, using just a few craft store items.  Take a few pictures, cut them out, and with a little bit of glue, you have ornaments or gift tags that will be treasured for years to come.


allcreated - pet ornaments

credit: Barkpost


Here’s what you need to make pet ornaments featuring your furry friends!

• Chenille bump stems (They’re just fancy pipe cleaners. Try a craft store or Amazon.)
• Scissors
• Tape runner or glue stick
• Glue gun
• Mini dollhouse bottlebrush trees (optional)
• Mini dollhouse candy canes (optional)

And of course…photos of your pets!

Visit Barkpost for the complete instructions.


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