A DIY Wall Mounted Christmas Tree Is The Perfect Small-Space Solution

Is your holiday decorating limited by your small space?  Try this DIY wall mounted Christmas tree and have the tree you’ve been dreaming of!

Not everyone has the space or desire to mess with a 7 foot tree.  Sure, they are beautiful, but they are pricey and a pain to get into apartments.  And don’t get us started on how to dispose of live trees once the holidays are over.

What if you could still have a gorgeous tree that only costs a fraction of a large live or fake tree?



Engineer Your Space is here to show how to create the look of a real tree by attaching garland, lights and ornaments to the wall!  She uses handy, removable hang tabs to attach the garland and the whole thing packs into a small box when the season is over.

This idea is fantastic for someone in a small space or with limited help in getting a real tree into the house.  And no watering required!  You get all the beauty without all the headache!



Here’s your supply list:

  • 3 strands of 9′ faux pine garland
  • Glue Dots Flexible Hang Tabs
  • painter’s tape
  • Christmas lights
  • ornaments
  • wood box for base
  • scrap 2×4 for trunk


WATCH:  This wall mounted Christmas tree allows you to go all-out, even in a small apartment.


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