Meet The Cake Grandmas Of Andalusia, Alabama

Would you start a business at 60?  Prepare to be inspired when you meet this group of Cake Grandmas who don’t compromise and are living their dreams to the fullest!

The ladies behind Dean’s Cake House in Andalusia, Alabama are forces of nature.  And most of them are in their 80’s.  They produce some of the most coveted cakes in the region and beyond.  And they bake each layer individually, without compromising on quality or process.

The business was started by Dean Jacobs when she was 60 years old.  Dean had been working at a grocery store and realized that other grocers were selling fresh cakes.  Dean started baking and selling at the grocery store.  Word got out and Dean’s cakes were flying off the shelf so she gathered up some friends and opened her own bakery.



Over 20 years later, her business is thriving and they make 450-500 cakes a day during peak season. One young boy said it best.  When he was in the shop and saw the ladies working in the kitchen, he told his Mom, “I know why those cakes are so good.  All those Grandmothers”.  Amen to that.





You can read more about Dean’s story at Southern Living.


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