Why You Shouldn’t Always Put Toilet Paper On A Public Seat

I’ve Been Lining Public Toilets With Toilet Paper Since Forever, Now I May Think Twice About It!

We have all been in public restrooms, and lined the toilet seat with several layers of toilet paper protection. But there is some speculation that that may not be the cleanest option.

All Created - ToiletToilet Paper On A Public Seat





According wimp.com  this is their explanation:

Unlike toilet seats, nothing else in a bathroom stall is designed to prevent bacteria from sticking to it. Germs get spread all around the stall when we flush the toilet. They latch onto the walls, the door handle, the toilet paper dispenser, and, of course, the actual toilet paper. Unfortunately, toilet paper’s surface is perfect for collecting bacteria.


But while this may be true there are some things to consider.

If the toilet paper if filled with so many germs why would  in the word you wipe with it, more or less sit on it.



We’ve come up with a solution. If the toilet paper is covered with a protective hood, then use it as you may. But if it is just hanging out in the open, you might want to think twice. Perhaps, fumbling with the flimsy toilet paper liner may be the best option.

Toilet Paper



Bringing your own wipes may be the cleanest option. But when you are using a public restroom you usually prepared to encounter a few germs here or there.

All Created - ToiletToilet Paper On A Public Seat


As they say, what doesn’t kill ya, only makes you stronger.