Closet Organization Tips That Will Save Your Money And Your Sanity

Declutter Your Closet, Creating More Room And Saving Frustration

Don’t you hate trying to find your clothes in cluttered and over-stuffed closets and drawers?  These closet organization tips will bring order and peace to your morning routine.



Nothing starts our day off worse than not being able to find something to wear.  We know we should plan the night before, but most nights, it’s all we can do to remember to turn on the alarm clock. We love perusing the closet section at Homegoods and Target, thinking “that’s what we need to solve all my clothes storage problems”!  But many of those systems and gadgets can be expensive and we’re never 100% sure that they will fit our drawer or closet space.

Blossom has put together some tips that offer similar solutions to the products found in stores, but you can make several of these yourself by simply upcycling products that you already have around the house!  We also think that these would be great solutions for a kid’s room or college dorm, where storage space is often precious.  Imagine how delightful it would be if your child actually knew how to fold a shirt properly!

We think these tips could make morning dressing time go so much more smoothly!


WATCH:  These Closet Organization Tips are easy, inexpensive and will save you space!

credit:  Blossom


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