19 DIY Gifts & Crafts To Giveaway OR Sell!

Here are (19) DIY gift / craft ideas to either give away OR sell – you decide. But I love crafty ideas made from things I could very well have in my garage or craft drawer already!!

Fun, Fun! Get with a girlfriend (or 2) and have a craft day! ūüôā



1) China Plate Cake Stand or Kitchen Accessory Holder:¬†To purchase these china plate stands, click here. OR make one yourself. Find a plate that you LOVE and use an epoxy glue to attach to an inexpensive wine goblet. Use to hold cake or cookies…but I’ve also seen it used on a kitchen counter near the¬†sink to hold soap and a sponge. Be creative and find your own cool way to use it! Oohhh…or near your Keurig to hold your coffee-pod options…just a thought!



2) Lollipop Stand: Perfect for a gift OR a simple give-a-way on your desk or counter.

This simple lollipop stand is made from a small flower pot – painted in your favorite color. Then place inside a round, styrofoam ball and secure with glue around the edges. And then simply insert the lollipops! Easy-peasy ūüôā





3) Nail Cross Pendant: For more on how to make this yourself, click here!



4) Dishwasher Magnet – Clean or Dirty:¬†What a great idea! Perfect for my daughter and her roommates in their¬†college apartment – they never know if they’re coming or going! All you need are some Scrabble letters, felt, magnet and glue! For step by step instructions, click here!



5) Football Fan “Onsie”:¬†The perfect game-day attire for the little ones! And so easy to make. The brown ‘onsie’ can be found at Hobby Lobby (per this mom) and she simply backstitched some white felt to look like the stitching on a football. She did use a ‘hoop’ to hold the material in place but otherwise, a fairly simply craft. Thanks!!



6) Seatbelt Pillow:¬†What a great way to help your little traveler made the road trip to…Grandmas? or Disney?

To learn how to make your own ‘car seat pillow’ click here!



7) Wine Cork Keychain:¬†Here’s a clever way to keep your keys in order. And for¬†more¬†ways to use wine corks, click here!


8) Painted Rocks To Organize Your Garden:¬†Here’s the simple answer to, “How do I know where I planted my pumpkins?” Easy. Paint and decorate a rock!! If you’re into gardening, you’ve probably got one or two extra rocks, anyway.



9) No-Sew Market Tote: Very nice! Just follow these easy instructions, here, to learn how to make your own ‘no-sew’ market bag. Or maybe you need a beach tote or gym bag…the ways to use this super cute tote is endless!! How will YOU use it?



10) Hot Pan Holder:¬†Make this adorable ‘hot pan handle holder’ today!! Click here for the step-by-step tutorial. **Perfect stocking-stuffers or gifts for your girlfriends ūüôā



11) How To Transfer Art Onto A Slab Of Wood:¬†This is SO COOL! You’ve got to check this out. I have always wondered HOW to create old, vintage signs for my house and now I know the trick. And, now, so do you!

Click here to learn all the steps.


The Art of Doing Stuff

12) Turn Your Large Frames Into Chalkboards:¬†Simply paint the frames then paint the glass with chalkboard paint. **I’ve found that the chalkboard paint on glass needs SEVERAL coats.



13) Candle Lamps From Wine Glasses:¬†Make your own table decorations for your next big event. I’m thinking outdoor seating for a wedding reception or Anniversary party.¬†They look lovely and set the mood beautifully! For more on how to make these for yourself, click here!


Save On Crafts

14) Upgrade Your Knife Holder: Simply sand and paint. This clever guy says you can find these old knife blocks at Goodwill all the time. I like it!



15) Blue Cupcake Snowflake Christmas Ornament: I collect Christmas ornaments year-round. But this one I can make. It will certainly make my small, specialty tree in my foyer extra-special.



16) DIY Cookie Basket:¬†This would be a great way to sell / present your cookies or muffins for the next Bake Sale! OR just a clever way to give out a treat at your child’s birthday party. To learn more, click here!



17) Super Sized Ruler / Wall Art:¬†In several home decor stores, you’ll find the super-sized ruler as an awesome piece of wall art. Lean them up against the wall OR hang them horizontally – your call. OR use them to measure your little kiddos as they grow.



18) Tea-Cup Candles:¬†I just think these tea-cup candles are beautiful and so delicate. What a great way to offer a scent and soft light into any room. To learn how to make your own tea-cup candles, click here! These would make great Mother’s Day gifts or gifts for your girlfriends over the holidays. ¬†And half the fun (at least for me) would be searching for the perfect tea-cup set at yard sales or antique stores.



19) Hand Painted Pallet Art:¬†¬†Pallet art is showing up everywhere. It adds such nice texture and the distressed wood is screaming to be painted on! Make your own sign today! The best part is knowing it doesn’t have to be PERFECT to look cool! Ya’ know what I mean?




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