Surprising Aspirin Uses That Are Not Just For Body Aches

Little Known Aspirin Uses

It’s not always necessary to run to the drugstore for every little issue or ailment.  Check out these bonus aspirin uses that fix more than just headaches!

With so many concoctions on the shelves that are specialized for every little thing, we often forget that there are some tried and true products that can solve a host of problems.  Many of these are tricks that our elders might know of, but they sometimes get lost over generations of newfangled ideas and marketing.



This handy video from Wikr reminds us of some very clever uses for regular aspirin that can save us all time, money and (excuse the pun) a pain in the neck!


allcreated - aspirin uses

credit: Wikr


WATCH:  Aspirin uses of which you may not be familiar

Some the surprising extras are:

  • Fighting pimples
  • Soothing and insect bite
  • Extending flower life
  • Treating dandruff
  • Diminishing clothing stains


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