Joanna Gaines Gives Us The Fixer Upper Home Reveal Inside Scoop

Joanna Gaines Shares A Fixer Upper Behind The Scenes Secret.

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One of the best parts about watching my favorite show Fixer Upper is the home reveal.

But I’ve always wondered how things actually work. Do the clients keep ALL of the furniture, or is most of it just for staging?

Well, our beloved Joanna Gaines gives us the scoop.






Q : Heather Teems asked: “Hi Jo Jo! Something I’ve always wondered when watching Fixer Upper- do the clients keep the furniture and everything in the home? You always stage it so well but usually ‘staging’ a home means that it goes once the new owner moves in. Just curious!”


AllCreated joanna gaines fixer upper reveal





A: Hi Heather! It all depends on the client and their budget. Our show features real clients with real budgets. The furniture budget is not part of the renovation budget, it’s something some clients add at the end. About half of our clients already have all their own furnishings (some of which I use for the reveal), and others buy the items I decorate the home with. The main reason I decorate the rooms for the reveal is because I want the clients to get the full picture of how to maximize their newly renovated space.


This gives me even more reason to make the trip to Magnolia Market!