Abused Mom Built Her Family Home Using Youtube Videos

Could you build a house?  After years of abuse, this single mom built her family home using YouTube videos and taught her kids and us what survival looks like.

We all know that YouTube has a wealth of material, offering entertainment and tutorials on most any subject we can imagine.  This mother of 4 and abused wife needed to create a sanctuary for her kids after escaping a bad relationship.  But she had limited resources and money.  So she gave her family the ultimate gift.  She used what money she had to buy supplies and she taught herself to build a house…using how-to videos found on YouTube.



ElleDecor brings us her story, which is simply amazing and so inspiring.  We can’t help but think about the life lessons that she taught her kids through this selfless act of ingenuity, determination and love.


allcreated - mom built her family home using youtube videos

credit: Cara Brookins


WATCH: Abused Mom Built Her Family Home Using YouTube Videos And Created A Haven For Her Kids


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