Winter Car Hacks You Must See Before The Next Storm Hits

Winter has arrived with a vengeance.  Be prepared for the next weather event with these useful winter car hacks that will help you survive the storms.

Snow, ice, salt and sand can wreak havoc on your car and rob you of precious time when you are trying to get out of the house.  First, you have snow and ice removal to tackle, then foggy windshields, then all the residue left on the car’s undercarriage.  It’s a full-time job taking care of it all.  But it doesn’t have to be.



Jillee at One Good Thing has a fantastic list of tips and tricks that will help you be prepared and get you out of a bind if things get tricky.



These Winter Car Hacks Will Save You Time, Energy And A Headache Or Two

  • Fix foggy windshields with an eraser
  • Scrape ice with a spatula
  • Make your own de-icer
  • Increase headlight visibility with toothpaste
  • Clean under the car with the sprinkler

And so many more!

Visit Jillee at One Good Thing for her complete list.


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