Homemade Brown Sugar With 2 Simple Ingredients

I’m not much into cooking but I do love to bake! Except when I’m mid-way through a recipe and I’m missing an item. UGH! There is nothing worse than having to stop everything and run to the store (or a neighbor which I’ve done a time or two).

So, keep this little baking hack in mind. If you’re ever baking with brown sugar and you run out…don’t panic. THIS little tip just might save the day!


Little Things


If you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of a recipe and you don’t have any brown sugar…don’t panic. You can simply make your own brown sugar using two simple ingredients.

White Sugar + Molasses = Brown Sugar!

It’s that easy.

Combine 1 Cup of sugar with 2 Tablespoons Molasses and mix. Voila! Brown Sugar!


Little Things


Little Things


Little Things

To make your own brown sugar, simply put these two ingredients in a mixer and get back to baking! To watch this unfold in a simple video, click below. 

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