13 Things To Throw Out For A Clean And Orderly Haven

All that unused stuff can be suffocating.  Stop moving it around from corner to corner and learn what to throw out, once and for all.

As much as we love the holidays, we also love the ritual of putting all the decorations away and simplifying our space.  New year, new start.  But where to begin?

HGTV Handmade has laid it all out for us, showing us 13 different categories where we can cut the clutter.  These are great reminders of things that we just get so used to seeing every day that we might forget that we don’t even need them anymore.



We recommend choosing 3 categories or rooms and giving yourself a goal to tackle one each month of the winter.  It’s the perfect time to purge and even if you only accomplish a few of these, you are likely to feel so much freer!



Purging these items will free your home and your mind!

  • expired medicines and make-up
  • stained or torn clothing
  • best-selling books
  • partial rolls of wrapping paper

For more, check out the helpful video from HGTV Handmade.


WATCH:  Throw out or donate these things for a clutter-free start to the year


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