Space Heater Safety Helps You Avoid Fatal Mistakes

Old Man Winter is breathing down our necks, but let’s make sure we know space heater safety before we flip the on button.  It could save us from disaster.

When the chill sets in, it’s so tempting to crank up a space heater to make our space toasty.  Unfortunately, the majority of winter household fires are caused by space heaters that are used incorrectly.  And once a fire starts, few realize how quickly it can spread.

Jeff Rossen with The Today Show brings us a scary, but sobering, example of just what can happen if a space heater causes something in your house to catch fire.



The good news is that you can help prevent accidents by following a few basic rules.

  • Never use an extension cord with a space heater
  • Always keep at least 3 ft. distance between a space heater and any furniture
  • Never leave a space heater unattended




WATCH:  Learn space heater safety and watch how quickly a mistake can endanger your family and destroy your home


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