How And When To Prune Trees. Hint: It’s Time

As you clean up leaves and dying annuals, don’t forget about the maples, oaks and dogwoods.  Learn how and when to prune trees to keep yours healthy and beautiful.

Sometimes trees don’t get the love they deserve.  They provide us shade and sometimes flowers and fruit and we often just take for granted that they are going to keep growing and producing.  Not true.  They need some help staying healthy and with the right tools and maintenance, it’s not that difficult.



Lowe’s is here to help us with the basics, including when to put this on your to-do list.

If you have trees that flower and bud in the late spring, now is the time to get this done.  If you have smaller trees, you can definitely tackle some of this basic pruning on your own or with a little help.  For larger trees, hire a pro.


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credit: Lowe’s

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