Dinosaur Garden Teaches Young Explorers To Tend Plants

Dinosaur Garden

Looking to teach a young one about gardening?  This Dinosaur Garden incorporates plant-tending and play into one fun, interactive space!

It can be tough to get kids involved with gardening.  It can be back-breaking, redundant work.  But give them a space to call their own in which they can pick out and care for plantings themselves and you may nurture a gardener for life!



Similar in concept to Fairy Gardens, Dinosaur Gardens get boys in on the planting action.  Country Living brings us some ideas that you can easily execute.  Your little guy can help you design the space to include different terrains, water features and plantings and it will be all theirs to maintain.  It will be their own Jurassic world right in their backyard!



Check out Country Living’s article on Dinosaur Gardens for some great ideas for different versions of this project.


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