Animal Escape Ramp Saves Tiny Critters From Drowning

Wild animals love to cool off in the pool, just like we do.  This ingenious animal escape ramp helps them find a safe way out when they are done.

If you own a pool, there’s nothing worse than finding poor little frogs and lizards in your filter.  They love to swim at night, and once they find their way in, they often can’t make it out alive.



The clever folks at Frog Log have come up with a solution for pool and pond owners everywhere.  Once the critters are done practicing their moonlight backstrokes, they can make their way over to the floating platform and hop on out to find some delicious post-swim bugs to munch on.  Everyone will be happy to share the pool and live another day!


allcreated - animal escape ramp

credit: Bored Panda


WATCH:  Frog Log Animal Escape Ramp gives tiny creatures a path to safety



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