Grumpy Gardener Says “Don’t Rake Leaves. Mow Them.”

If you’re familiar with Southern Living’s Grumpy Gardener, you know he tells it like it is.  His advice is “mow, don’t rake leaves”, making Fall so much easier!

Trees can be a blessing and a curse.  So lovely in the heat of summer.  But such a pain to clean up after in the Fall!  But now, you may be able to breathe a little easier when it comes to the dreaded chore of raking and raking some more!  Our favorite outdoor Scrooge, the gardening expert from Southern Living magazine, has some advice for us.



When it comes to leaves on the lawn, he recommends taking a pass on the back-breaking raking and mowing instead.  He suggests that leaving mulched leaves on the lawn is actually much healthier for grass.  If you simply don’t like the look of tiny leaf mulch on your green carpet, he has a suggestion for that too.  Wait until I show my husband this video!



WATCH:  Grumpy says “Don’t Rake Leaves”.  Follow these steps instead.


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