Planning A Budget Perennial Garden In The Fall Saves Big Cash

How does your garden grow?  Fall is the perfect time for planning a budget perennial garden and saving big on store sales and divided plantings.

Now that summer is winding down, we may not be thinking about next summer’s garden.  But in reality, now is the perfect time.  Your perennials are at their largest of the season, so it’s a good time to see what is working and what isn’t.  For those things that are working, should you divide them and plant more somewhere else?  Or ask a neighbor if you can have a portion of something beautiful that she is dividing?  And don’t forget the extreme markdowns at nurseries.



Garden Therapy walks us through a step by step process for planning now so that next year’s plantings are gorgeous, happy and healthy.  Imagine the money you can save by taking a little time to plan ahead!


allcreated - planning a budget perennial garden

credit: Garden Therapy


Here are the steps for planning a budget perennial garden:

  • Take inventory of current plantings.  Taking pictures will help you remember what thrives from year to year.
  • Consider moving plants.  Would a plant do better in another part of your yard?
  • Check for plant health.  Do you treat it or remove it?
  • Divide your plants or find free sources of divided plants from neighbors or Craigslist
  • Go shopping!  Perennials are severely discounted this time of year, so take advantage of those markdowns!
Pop over to Garden Therapy for all the details.


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