How And When To Divide Perennials For New Plants At No Cost

Make Your Garden Thrive By Dividing And Replanting Your Existing Perennials

Do your flower beds need a little renovation?  Check out this guide on how and when to divide perennials to literally bring new life to your yard.



The cooler weather is sticking around for longer than normal around here, which makes our plants very happy!  When the heat hits hard, it can really stress their poor little roots as they starve for enough water.  We are taking advantage of the cool temps to continue some much needed garden tending, which includes figuring out which plants can be divided and moved around.  We love this because it allows us to increase the bounty of the plants that we are already love, without the added expense of buying new ones.

Better Homes & Gardens recently published a handy guide that shows us how often we should divide certain plants and which ones should be left alone.  They also give a step by step on how to separate the plants so that they remain healthy and viable for a new section of your garden.  We will certainly be keeping this article handy as we plan this weekend’s yardwork!



Check out the complete guide to how and when to divide perennials here.