Become The Grill-Master With These 10 Grilling Tips

Get out the spices and put on your oven glove.  It’s time for a cookout.  You can bring brilliance to the BBQ with these 10 timeless grilling tips.

In most areas of the country, grilling is a cooking method that can be enjoyed year round.  But, it’s not like cooking in the kitchen.  There are certain techniques and rules that are necessary to help you achieve grilling perfection.



The folks at Holiday Kitchen are here to make sure you have all the correct tools and know all the proper techniques.  Check out their top 10 tips and you will be ready for the fire, whenever it calls your name!


These handy tips include info on:
  • Safe handling
  • Marinades and rubs
  • The right tools
  • Temperature controls
  • Direct and indirect heat
  • Controlling flare-ups
  • Cooking with wood
  • Overcrowding the grill
  • Cooking time
  • Grilling veggies


WATCH:  These top 10 grilling tips will have you prepped and ready for the weekend.


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