Learn The Coolest New Cupcake Decorating Techniques

Attention all cake lovers!  Learn these easy cupcake decorating techniques using the most innovative new piping tips and you will be a cake boss in no time!

The latest cake decorating products on the market are called Russian piping tips.  We have heard that they are simply called that because they produce flowers that look like some found in that country.  In any case, using these tips truly makes buttercream flowers more simple than you can imagine.



In this video, Cupcake Jemma gives them a try and provides a brilliant tutorial to help us learn too!  She not only shows the kind of flower that each tip produces, but also how to create the stunning multi-colored effect shown below.  It sounds like she is hooked, and we might be as well!



WATCH: These tips are the newest craze in cupcake decorating techniques


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