The DIY “Water Blob” For All To Enjoy!

Our friends at have created a great DIY backyard summertime “Water Blob” your kids are gonna love! What a fun (and safe) option for your little ones to enjoy all in the privacy of your backyard.




instructables / mikeshorr117

This is what you’ll need to make this DIY project:

  • Plastic sheeting
  • An iron and ironing board
  • A Towel (to iron over)
  • Duct Tape
  • Water source

Step 1: Take you plastic sheet (which we found at Walmart) and roll it out on your floor – indoors – in a large open area.


instructables / mikeshorr117

Step 2: Make sure your corners line-up for a nice even rectangle.


instructables / mikeshorr117

Step 3: Get you iron, ironing board and towel ready and nearby.


instructables / mikeshorr117

Step 4: Your objective is to iron shut (creating a waterproof seal) the three sides using your towel as a layer on the bottom and top. You might need a set of helping hands during this step.


instructables / mikeshorr117

Step 5: Seal up all of the edges to look like a huge ziploc bag…leaving a small opening to insert your hose to fill the ‘water blob.’


instructables / mikeshorr117


instructables / mikeshorr117

Step 6: Take it outside and insert hose and begin filling it up.


instructables / mikeshorr117

Step 7: Once your ‘water blob’ is full, remove hose and tape the opening with your duct tape. You also might discover other small leaks – tape ’em up and you’ll be good to go!


instructables / mikeshorr117

 Step 8: Have some kids check it out and ENJOY!


instructables / mikeshorr117

Thanks, LittleThings, for such a fun and safe backyard, summertime toy!

HT LittleThings