Turn An Old Book Into A Vintage Picture Frame – In Minutes!

Would you take a look at this? She took an old book…which I have more than a few lying around…and made an awesome “vintage’ looking picture frame! So simple and so stinkin’ cool! **See below how to make one for yourself!


It’s Always Autumn

Blogger, It’s Always Autumn, has shared with us step-by-step instructions how to make this vintage-looking picture frame from an old book.

This is all you’ll need:

  • Hardcover book
  • Photograph
  • Pen
  • X-Acto knife
  • Plastic page protector
  • Tape

It’s Always Autumn

Next, you’re going to trace the photo on the inside of the cover to determine the ‘frame’ size. If you want to frame a photo bigger than a 4×6 (shown), simply use a larger book.


It’s Always Autumn

Now, use your X-Acto knife to cut an opening slightly smaller than your traced photo. Autumn prefers to make 4 or 5 passes over the line and recommends you do not cut all the way through until you flip the book over. See picture for clarification.


It’s Always Autumn


It’s Always Autumn

Once you’ve cut all the way through the cover, pop out the section to create your ‘frame.’ The frayed edges just add to the vintage / rustic look. 🙂


It’s Always Autumn

Now, lay your sheet protector over the opening. Use the traced lines (or even a tiny bit bigger) to measure the size for your photo ‘pocket.’ And cut it to fit.


It’s Always Autumn

Tape (or glue) you sheet protector to the book / frame to create you photo pocket. Then slip inside the photo of your choice. This also allows you to change photos in the future.


It’s Always Autumn

And, you’re done!


It’s Always Autumn

Thank you, It’s Always Autumn, for sharing with us this fun and creative idea! And what a great gift this would make, too. 🙂

HT LittleThings