8 Crazy Cool Decorating Ideas You’ll Wish You Could Do Too!

If you’re like me, you love perusing decorating magazines and websites and always find ideas you love BUT will never do. For reasons I can’t explain. Maybe they look cool but ultimately too expensive to pull-off or just really not my style. Regardless, many great ideas never take flight.

Here are (8) home decorating ideas that fall in that ‘bucket.’ They look awesome and would make such a statement but in reality…probably will never happen. Still…it’s fun to look! 🙂


Kitchen and Bath Artisans

#1) Clever Knife Drawer: Great use of a small space and so convenient to the stove top.


Transitional Kitchen by Tacoma Kitchen & Bath Designers Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC Houzz.com

#2) Wooden Staircase painted Ombre style: Love the statement this makes. And with the clean white walls, it looks brilliant and fresh!



#3) Rotating Sink: This sink rotates as my needs change. Awesome!


Kitchen and Bath Artisans

#4) Uber Organized Pantry: I know this level of pantry organization is obtainable…but will probably just never happen. Unless of course, someone else comes along and does it for me! But, sadly, I can’t make any promises it will last very long.



#5) Lovely Swinging Bed: Wow – wouldn’t this just be lovely on a beautiful summer, fall or spring day to nap or read a book on. Sadly, I’m not sure our homeowners association would approve it. Bummer!




#6) Triple Bunk Beds: This is actually quite doable. Great ideas for those families with multiple boys (or girls) and makes great use of the room you do have. I like it!



#7) Storage Stairs: As you might have noticed, many of these decorating ideas are about storage. And this clever use of the steps would be great if my husband were more the ‘handyman.’ Ha.



#8) Giant Aquarium / Kitchen Island: So, it’s not very practical and it takes away a lot of storage space and room in your kitchen…but it is VERY COOL. I mean, seriously, I would love to have some fish-freinds in my home!


Rene van Dongen & KOLENIK

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