How To Keep Your Baby Monitor From Being Hacked!

If you have a baby in a crib then you most likely own and use a baby monitor. If so, then this update is for you!

Be aware, your privacy (and identity) is in danger when using baby monitors without protection. It’s shocking how easy it is for someone to ‘hack’ into your baby monitoring system. Stories are popping up everywhere and instead of scaring you straight, I thought I would just pass on what you can do to be proactive and protect yourself instead.


Mathieukor / Getty Images

If you own or are purchasing a baby monitoring system, follow these (3) steps to protect you and your baby from any intruders.

1) Change the default password that comes with the system to something stronger. Ensure you also have a strong Wi-Fi password for your home network;

2) Install all updates from the manufacturer to ensure you have the latest security patches;

3) Install (and update!) anti-virus and malware software on your computers.

Please be careful and read all resources available to protect yourself. Click here for more!

I would encourage you to share this story with all of your friends and families who are having a baby or have one already and are using baby monitors within their home.

May God bless you and your home and keep you safe in the palm of His hand. Amen.

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