Stories Of Your Favorite HGTV Stars And What They Were Like Before Fame

You Won’t Believe The Paths To Fame Of Your Favorite HGTV Stars

Any fan of HGTV has their favorite show and host.   Check out these surprising stories of some popular HGTV stars and how they got where they are today!



Are you an HGTV addict?  I have to admit that I might be.  I remember when the network first came on the air and I thought , “this is what I have been waiting for all my life!”  As a child who used to lock myself in my room and rearrange my furniture…every few months…I was bitten by the design bug early.  My bedtime reading was the Ethan Allen catalog and I had half the book dog-eared for future reference.  With HGTV, I now had a treasure trove of ideas with a click of the remote!  Does this obsession sound familiar to anyone out there?

HGTV content is truly inspirational for anyone interested in real estate, gardening or creating their own haven, but it’s the expert hosts that make the shows so addicting!  Our favorite personalities have varied backgrounds, from underwear models to Hooters waitresses, but what they all have in common is that they developed an interest in design early on and worked relentlessly to expand their knowledge.  These profiles show us that it doesn’t matter what your background is.  If you have the skills, the tenacity, the personality and the look, you could have a future as an HGTV host too!


WATCH:  Surprising Stories Of Your Favorite HGTV Stars


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