Wall Art Using My Favorite Photo – Only $10!

Here’s a great home decor project that will cost you about $10.

WOW – you can’t buy anything to decorate your home for that price!

First, you decide which photo you would like to display. Maybe a scenic photo or a group pic of your kids. Or maybe one of just you and your sweetie!

Great – let’s get started.


House by Hoff

Once you’ve selected your photo, take the image to Staples (or any other business supply / printing store) and have them print the image on a sheet of Engineering Print (36×48). Staples charged us $8.


House by Hoff

And then on your way home, swing by a craft store, like a Jo-Anns, and pick up (2) 20×30 foam boards. I picked up 2 for $2. And be thinking about where you want to split your photo.


House by Hoff

Once you’ve determined where you want to split your picture, cut it into 2 halves. (keep in mind, you’ll need about a 1 inch boarder to wrap your foam boards)


House by Hoff

Angle your corners and wrap your photo around the foam boards. I used double-sided tape to secure the edges.


House by Hoff

Secure your beautiful new wall art using Command Strips or double-sided tape. And sit back and enjoy your new home decor item! Good Job!


House by Hoff

Thanks, PopSugar, I have always loved this look and never knew it could be done with such ease! AND for only $10! What a WIN-WIN! đŸ™‚

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