Easy 2 Ingredient Balloon Bowl You’ll Love

If you’re like me, you love to scroll through various home decor ideas, but always seem to try the ones that promise something more than I’m able to create. But this one really is as easy as it looks!

The Balloon Bowl. 

To make this balloon bowl for yourself will literally take only a few minutes! And you only need 4 items. I’m not kidding…it’s that easy!

Check it out!



You only need (1) balloon {but I bet you could’ve guessed that!} and some mod podge, glitter and a paint brush.

Pour 1/2 cup of hard-coat mod podge into a bowl and add course glitter to the mix. (just eye-ball the amount of glitter to your liking)  And stir.



Keep stirring, adding glitter along the way if needed. It should appear like a muddy, thick paste.

Begin painting the mixture on your balloon filled with air. If the paste appears runny, add more glitter.

Once you have the size and design of our bowl that you like, let it dry overnight.

Now that it’s dry, you get to pop the balloon and reveal your awesome new bowl. It’s that EASY!



To watch her super easy to follow tutorial on how to make this balloon bowl for yourself – or maybe a friend – click below!

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