“Shark Week” Showstoppers – DIY Style!

As “Shark Week” approaches on TV (and in no ways lessoning the fear striking the East coast right now) I have highlighted (6) entertaining ways to watch your favorite – and scary – show with your friends!

Here are some foods, crafts and other fun stuff to do…just for fun!


Amanda Robinson

Showstopper #1: Shark Week Cupcakes

Turn even store-bought cupcakes into your “Shark Week” showstopper! Cut out a small shark fin from a piece of grey foam (or use fondant if you’re fancy!) and stick it upright into all of your cupcakes. Voila – you now have a Shark Week cupcake (just don’t eat the foam…). Thanks, Amanda – cute idea!


Amanda Robinson

Showstopper #2: Watermelon Shark

For more on how to create this awesome ‘fruit-filled’ watermelon shark, click here!


National Watermelon Promotion Board

Showstopper #3: Shark House

Click here for this 2 1/5 minute video showing how Eric built this on his house…maybe you too can have a ‘shark house’ for the week!!


Eric Albertson

Showstopper #4: DIY Shark Party Hats

For this clever tutorial on how to make your own shark party hats, click here! And be safe out there! 🙂



Showstopper #5: FIN-omenal Jello Cups (get it?)

Click here for this simple recipe! 




Showstopper #6: Shark NAILS!

For the tutorial on how to make your own shark nails, click here!



For many of us, Shark Week is a wonderfully, fascinating show teaching us about the nature of sharks and how to best live among them. But, for others…it’s just another reason to have a party! ENJOY! 

HT Discovery.com, DollarStoreCrafts