Create Your Own Nerf Target

 PVC Nerf Target

If your looking for a fun and easy way to create a PVC nerf target for a birthday party or family game time, this is a cheap and fun way to do it. With only a few materials to buy and a small amount of time for setup, kids and adults can have something to keep them entertained for hours!


pvc nerf target

credit: inspiration made simple

PVC Nerf Target Materials

3 5′ 1/2″ PVC Pipes
2 1/2″ Elbow Connectors
4 1/2″  Tee Connectors
4 1/2″ End Caps
3 3/4″ Cross Connectors

6 Large Binder Clips
Gorilla Glue Super Glue
Chipboard (paper plates, cardboard, etc)


Read more at InspirationMadeSimple for a complete tutorial on how to make this target and for other ideas.


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