Pennies Make Everything Look Priceless!

Revitalize your home with PENNIES! Below are some of my favorite DIY projects using pennies. Do it for your own home or as a truly unique gift. Like this mirror below shared by! Thanks for sharing your inspiration.



Penny Project #1) Install a copper penny floor. What a great way to cover a floor you no longer care for. For more information as to how to DIY, click here for the tutorial!


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Penny Project #2) Birdhouse with pennies and stones. This could be a fun kid-friendly project over the weekend. And the birdies will thank you!


Penny Project #3) Penny Top Coffee Table.  And for additional protection, you could have a piece of glass cut to fit and lay on top. For the How-To, click here!


Penny Project #4) Create a penny backsplash for your kitchen. This will give your kitchen an INSTANT makeover!


Penny Project #5) Design a unique serving tray – one for you, one for someone else! For more on how to make this yourself, click here!


Thank you, all, for sharing your PENNY inspiration!

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