9 DIY Backyard Games to Make Your Labor Day Cookout Sensational

Labor Day weekend is often seen as the “Last Hurrah” of the Summer season.  What better way to enjoy a 3-day weekend than with a successful party full of fun games!

These reinvented games are sure to take your average cookout to the next level of enjoyment. With oversized games like “Battleship” and “Yahtzee” your backyard get-together can be the talk of the town. We think you’ll find some great inspiration for your next event!

DIY Labor Day Party Games Sure To Spice Things Up

9. The Price Is Right For This DIY ‘Drinko’ Game

9 Party Games To Make Your Labor Day Cookout Sensational _ all created

credit: Pinterest

Whether you choose to make it a drinking game or just sweet tea backyard fun, this giant ‘Plinko’ board is easy to make and easier to play! Named for the “plink, plink, plink” sound that the chips make as they fall down and hit the pegs, this game is fun for all ages. For easy-to-make chips, try jelly jar or pasta jar lids!

8. Super-sized Lawn ‘Yardzee’

9 Party Games To Make Your Labor Day Cookout Sensational _ all created

credit: Etsy.com

Supersized Yahtzee is a great party game! It can be played in teams or with multiple players individually. Plus your arms and legs will get a little work out! Make your own set, use paper to keep score, or buy a pre-made kit online!

7. Panty Hose Bowling Makes Everyone A Winner

This game requires little to no skill and definitely no pride! But where it lacks in natural talent it picks up with huge laughs. Basic rules: Whoever knocks down the most bottles in one minutes time wins!

6. Chicken Wire Backyard Ker-Plunk

Don’t make the balls drop! This insanely easy DIY project packs hours of fun for your party! Take a thrift store table, cut a hole in it and fashion your chicken wire cylinder to the desired size. Grab some dowels and a little spray paint for extra color and balance those fun-house balls (find them in children’s toy section) and you’re ready for a competitive game! (Note: if you don’t want to take a chance on chasing the balls around the yard, put the entire unit inside a plastic kiddie pool.)

5. Larger-Than-Life Fun With Jumbo Jenga

Own a saw or have a friend who does? This super backyard game is perfect for Labor Day weekend fun! Same rules apply – take a piece and add it to the top. How tall will the tower get?

4. DIY Lawn Dominoes

With a little creativity, you could make these on cardboard or put in a little effort and have a reusable lawn game for those weekends with perfect weather!

3. Drinking Game ‘Battle Shots’

There are so many possibilities with this game! Turn it into an eating battle of the most disgusting foods or give it a little Friday-night spin with options for alcohol shots. You could make it a small fold up version or keep it simple with a large tarp on the lawn!

2. Work On Your ‘Memory’ Skills

9 Party Games To Make Your Labor Day Cookout Sensational _ all created

credit: No Biggie

This game requires minimum supplies. Gather a little leftover cardboard or cheap thin canvas from your local art store. Add spray paint and stencils to create this simple but challenging outdoor game!

1. ‘Hillbilly’ Horseshoes Is Good Clean Fun

9 Party Games To Make Your Labor Day Cookout Sensational _ all created

credit: Pinterest

If you need some extra laughter at your party, Hillbilly horseshoes is just the game. Guaranteed to get even the grumpiest of fellas to participate. Who can resist throwing toilet seats around their friend’s yard?

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