Farm Fresh Late Summer Vegetable Garden Guide By Zone

Don’t retire your garden for the winter!  There’s still time to plant and this late summer vegetable garden guide will tell you exactly what to plant, and where.

Every zone in the country has certain plants that thrive in the later months.  Even if the chill is starting to set in where you live, you can still put some seeds in the ground.



Imperfectly Happy is providing us with a complete guide, broken out by planting zone.  Such great information!


Here are few examples, by zone, of what to plant in your late summer vegetable garden.

Zone 1:  Artichokes, Spinach

Zone 2: Broccoli, Leaf Lettuce

Zones 3 & 4: Radishes, Turnups

Zones 5 & 6: Beets, Carrots

Zones 7 & 8: Beans, Cauliflower

Zones 9 & 10: Celery, Pumpkins

These are just a few examples for each zone.  Check out Imperfectly Happy to see the zone map and more seed suggestions for each area.


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