DIY Pallet Garden Instructions Will Deliver A Raised Bed In 3 Easy Steps

You Can Have A Raised Bed In No Time With These Pallet Garden Instructions

Is your soil too rocky or full of clay to grow a veggie garden?  Follow these DIY Pallet Garden Instructions and you will be enjoying nature’s bounty before you know it!



Some folks around the country are lucky enough to enjoy naturally rich and porous soil that is completely fit for vegetable gardening.  Many of us, however, do not enjoy such luck.  Unless we are able to put in the backbreaking work of tilling and amending the soil properly, we are usually unable to partake in the joys of planting and tending our own gardens.  In our neck of the woods, the soil is full of clay, rocks and roots, so a back yard plot is not in the cards.  And while there are several plans and even kits to build your own raised beds, they can be expensive and time consuming.  This is where we have to get creative!

A few years ago, I wanted a raised bed and I wanted to get my kids involved in creating it.  They were fairly young, so we needed a quick and easy idea that we could pull together in an afternoon.  Imagine my delight when I happened upon instructions for an instant raised bed using a shipping pallet!  The Homestead Guru shows how to do it in just 3 easy step, and I promise, it really is that easy!  Make sure you get a pallet with heat-treated lumber so as not introduce chemicals into your soil.  Also make sure that you don’t over-plant.  I made that mistake and ended up choking out some of my veggies to the point that they would not grow.  I found that lettuces are ideal as they don’t require much rooting space and are not a vining plant.



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You only need a few supplies to make your own DIY Pallet Garden!

  • one pallet (use only a heat treated pallet as others can leak chemicals)
  • landscaping fabric
  • staple gun
  • soil
  • seed starters

The best part about these is that the slats in the pallet provide a built in row divider and the pallets are rather small and can be placed in several locations in your yard…wherever you get the best light!  Complete instructions can be found at The Homestead Guru.  Happy planting!