Transform An Unused Backyard Pond Into A Fire Pit

Has your backyard pond seen better days?  Transform your old, unused koi pond into a fire pit and enjoy your great outdoors once again!

Ponds are lovely and the idea of peaceful fish and trickling water can be quite therapeutic.  Until the raccoons start eating your fish, the filter breaks and you can’t keep the water free of falling leaves.  Then what?  Your oasis has turned ugly.

But check out what Lucy’s Lampshade did with her unused pond (and the rest of her cozy backyard space)!  She explains that this idea made perfect sense to her because the pond was already lined with fireproof rocks.  We are not sure what she did with her liner, but there are options, depending on how your pond is constructed.



If this is an idea that you want to explore, just do a little bit of research and ask some professionals so that your pit burns safely.   We especially love this idea for a homeowner who is preparing their house to sell.  Don’t worry about cleaning and spending money to fix up the pond.  Just transform it!



To turn your pond into a fire pit:

  • Make sure you amend the plastic liner.  You can either remove it completely or drill drainage holes so that rainwater does not continue to accumulate.
  • Then put a layer of dirt or sand as a barrier and cover with rocks.
  • Visit this thread at Do It for more useful tips.  If you need to know more, try asking the nice folks at your local hardware store or landscaping company what they recommend for your particular pond situation.


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