Try This DIY Soil pH Test For More Successful Gardening

DIY Soil pH Test

Struggling with your garden bounty?  Take the first step to gardening greatness with this DIY Soil pH Test and watch your harvest thrive!

Every Master Gardener knows that healthy soil is the key to plant success.  You can buy the most gorgeous plants or seedlings on the market, but if your soil is not at appropriate levels, you will not have a successful result.



Tip Nut has lots of useful soil information for us, including several recommendations on testing soil pH levels.  These include:

  1. Buying a kit for around $10-$20
  2. Sending a soil sample to your local government extension office for a free test
  3. Trying a simple at home DIY test using items in your pantry

We like free, and the at home test gives the average garden enough information to be able to make decisions on if and how your soil may need to be amended.


allcreated - diy soil ph test

credit: Tip Nut

Here’s what you will need for a DIY Soil pH Test:

  • 1/2 cup dry soil from your garden
  • distilled water
  • household vinegar
  • baking soda

Complete instructions can be found at Tip Nut.

One other useful tip of which you may not be aware.  Your local extension office will sometimes offer a Master Gardener consultation.  Someone will come out to your property and tell you what trees and shrubs you have and what kind of shape they are in.  This is an especially useful service if you are moving to a new house/region and are not familiar with local plants.  This service is usually offered free of charge and can be very helpful with plant/property maintenance.


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