DIY Aphid Trap Saves Your Veggies From Certain Pest Doom

DIY Aphid Trap

Put an end to your garden pest problem with this easy-to-assemble and inexpensive DIY Aphid Trap.  Those little buggers won’t know what hit them.

Many bugs are attracted to color and aphids are no exception.  Yellow seems to be their shade of choice, so let’s hit ’em where they live and trick them into a trap.


Gardener Jim from Jim Long’s Columns has some fantastic tips on nurturing your tomato plants to help ensure a successful growing season.  He writes specifically about how to prevent “wilt”, which can actually be spread by aphids.  In addition to this handy aphid-catching trick, he also recommends mulching immediately after planting to prevent any infected soil from splashing back up onto the plant during rain.  Very useful info!



You only need a few supplies to make this DIY Aphid Trap:

  • yellow plastic cup
  • 16″ broom-size stick
  • tack
  • Tree Tanglefoot (available at most garden stores and online)

Jim Long’s Columns has his complete article regarding aphids, including his assembly instructions.


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