Now Trending, Cloud Eggs Are Fluffy, Flavorful And Fun

Cloud Eggs

Eggs are being taken to new heights with this now-trending cooking method.  Learn how to make simple Cloud Eggs and delight your family’s tastebuds.

Chefs amaze me.  Just when you think that there is nothing new to be done, one of them will come up with something that knocks the socks off the epicurean world.



The latest kitchen sensation is simply a variation on egg preparation that involves whipping the egg white into a foam.  Like a meringue, without the sugar.  Then, simply add the yolk back on top and bake!  Such an easy technique that completely changes the look and texture of the dish.  Look for this whipped egg idea in other types of dishes too, like Japanese pancakes that are mile-high.  It’s the newest cooking sensation!


WATCH:  The hottest new breakfast cooking trick is Cloud Eggs

credit:  Tech Insider 


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