Increase Your Tomato Harvest By Pretending To Be A Bee

How are your tomato plants doing this year?  Try this trick to increase your tomato harvest and start planning more recipes.  Your bounty will be great!

Vegetable gardening can be so hit or miss.  We start off in the spring, so optimistic and hopeful.  Imagining our baskets full of colorful, perfectly ripe harvests that will be transformed into the most delicious of menus.   But then our dreams do not always come to fruition.  We check on our little green babies each day, just willing them to pop out a new fruit for us.  Sometimes they do…sometimes they don’t.



What if you could help your plants with just your hands a few extra minutes of attention?  Listen along to MI Gardener as he explains the science behind tomato flower fertilization.  Its a fascinating lesson and we love his optimism and love for gardening.


allcreated - increase your tomato harvest

credit: MI Gardener


WATCH:  This gardener’s simple trick could increase your tomato harvest significantly!


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