Leftover Pumpkin Puree? Here Are 17 Must-Try Recipes

Pumpkin is good for you and it’s on sale.  So fill up your shopping cart and use it all up with these scrumptious pumpkin puree recipes for every meal of the day.

We think the versatility of pumpkin has long been underestimated.  Until now.  Most of us came to know pumpkin as the starring ingredient in holiday pie.  And then as a cult obsession in a seasonal latte.  All of that may have overshadowed the fact that 1) pumpkin is a vitamin powerhouse and 2) it works in dishes for all times of day.  But folks are finally beginning to see the light!

Several years ago, my cooking club decided to challenge ourselves and everyone was charged with making a different pumpkin dish to share.  I made scones with cinnamon glaze and someone else made ravioli.  But the big hit was the chili.  I’m telling you, if you have not tried pumpkin in your chili, you are missing out!  Here’s a good one to try.



Sommer, at The Pioneer Woman, is certainly a pumpkin fan and she has assembled a HUGE list of treats that will help you use up every last can in your cupboard.   One thing is for sure, pumpkin is not just for pies and lattes anymore.





Take your pick from these yummy pumpkin puree recipes:

  • Pumpkin chili
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Pumpkin BBQ Sauce
  • Pumpkin Pan Sauce for Meats and Pastas
  • Pumpkin Risotto
  • Pumpkin Lasagna
  • Pumpkin Pizza
  • Pumpkin Snack Dip
  • Pumpkin Leather
  • Pumpkin Salsa
  • Pumpkin Smoothies or Milkshakes
  • Pumpkin Whipped Cream
  • Pumpkin Butter
  • Pumpkin Oatmeal
  • Pumpkin Pancakes or Waffles
  • Pumpkin Bread Pudding
  • Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Whew!!  Holy cow!  Pop over to The Pioneer Woman to see the simple how-tos for these delicious dishes.


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