Basic Upholstery Tools And Tips Turn Trash To Treasure

Are you looking to give a room a facelift?  These essential upholstery tools and tips can help you breathe new life into a family heirloom or yard sale gem.

Rooms looking a little tired?  Sometimes, we just need to give our surroundings a little pick-me-up.  Since most of us don’t have the funds to buy rooms full of new furniture, let’s make our pennies last by re-freshing the pieces that we already have!



All Things Thrifty is here to show you the basic tools that you need for a re-upholstery project and their step by step process.  They have chosen a basic dining room chair, which is a perfect project for first timers.  Once you know the basics, the sky is the limit!  Imagine how beautiful your rooms will be!


Here are the essential upholstery tools and tips from All Things Thrifty:

1. A rubber mallet
2. Fabric Scissors
3. Pliers {the heaviest duty pliers you can find}
4. Large Flat Screwdriver
5. Small Flat Screwdriver
6. Box Knife
7. Hot Glue Gun
8. Pneumatic Staple gun {first choice} or a Heavy Duty Staple Gun {second choice}
9. Hammer
10. Butter Knife

Visit All Things Thrifty for her complete A-Z upholstery instructions.


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