Flower And Berry Frozen DIY Ice Bucket Is Fresh And Romantic

Imagine Your Spring Table With This Flower And Berry Frozen DIY Ice Bucket In The Center

As the weather starts to warm, we get a little itchy to once again stretch our entertaining wings.  Whether a garden party, Easter gathering or Spring wedding, we think this Flower and Berry Frozen DIY Ice Bucket is the perfect complement to your table décor.  This is ridiculously easy to make and you can choose whatever fruits and berries you like to match your theme.  The folks at howtodiywedding.com show you how to pull it all together.  Happy Hosting!

allcreated - flower and berry frozen diy ice bucket

Credit: www.howtodiywedding.com



2 different sized, inexpensive plastic buckets (a large one and one to fit inside that is also large enough for a champagne bottle)





Visit this site for the super-simple instructions: www.howtodiywedding.com