Hair Dryer Hacks Solve Common Household Frustrations

Do stubborn sticky price tags drive you crazy?  Hair dryer hacks to the rescue of this and other common dilemmas.  Who knew it was this easy?

What did we do before hacks came along?  I guess they have previously been known as tips or tricks, but boy, are we grateful for the genius minds that come up with all of these useful ideas.  They really do make life so much easier!



Blossom is next up with their problem-solving suggestions using your hair dryer.  These make so much sense…I feel a little silly for not thinking of them sooner!


allcreated - hair dryer hacks

credit: Blossom


WATCH:  Solve so many problems with these 6 hair dryer hacks

These hair dryer hacks will help you:

  • remove crayon marks from walls
  • pull off band-aids without pain
  • “steam” wrinkles without ironing
  • remove stubborn stickers and pricetags
  • wipe candle wax from furniture
  • inflate air mattresses


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