DIY Painted Cinder Block Planter Transforms Your Outdoor Space For Cheap

For a low price wow-factor in your garden, make and paint a DIY Cinder Block Planter that looks way more fancy than it costs!

We realize that decorating the garden might not be at the top of your list right now, but we think this is too cute not to show you!  Using just cinder blocks, paint and some landscaping fabric, you can build a stunning architectural detail that will truly transform the look of your outside space!  We wanted to show this to you now because painting your blocks is a perfect craft to take indoors while the chilly months are upon us.  Then, once the weather starts to warm again, simply stack them all together and plant away!



Cinder blocks can easily be found at your local home and garden store and should be less than $2 each for the full size blocks.  Garden Answer shows you just how she gets started with some of her designs.  Or get creative and design your own!



Here are the supplies that you need to get started:
  • Full size cinder blocks
  • Half size cinder blocks
  • Landscape fabric
  • Hardware cloth
  • Exterior paint
  • Foam spouncer
  • Chevron stencil
  • Moorish pattern stencil
  • Blue painters’ tape
Garden Answer has purchase links and information on the plantings that she used.  Click on “Show More” under the video for the details.


WATCH:  Concrete blocks transformed into a gorgeous, colorful Cinder Block Planter:


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