IKEA Hack For A Kids Room Blew My Mind!

This family was expanding and needed the crib for their next child. So, negotiations began with  their son to give up the crib and advance to a ‘big boy’ bed.

This was not as easy as these parents had hoped. Their son agreed only if his new bed was going to be “the most awesome bed ever!”

So, Dad got to work. He created the most awesome bunk-bed ever in my opinion!!


Eric Strong / YouTube

This new bed has it all! A slide, a secret room accessed by a bookcase with a “trick” book to open, storage, lights and even a secret window. I would say Dad did a fabulous job!


Eric Strong / YouTube


Eric Strong / YouTube


Eric Strong / YouTube

To watch how this Dad built this incredible bed, click below. It took a lot of work – mentally and physically – but it looks well worth it!

Thanks, Dad, for sharing this incredible work of art and from my perspective, the MOST AWESOME BED EVER!

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