You’ll Never Guess What Dolly Parton Has In Her Bedroom!

Born and raised in Sevierville, Tennessee as Dolly Rebecca Parton in 1946, this American singer, songwriter, author and businesswoman has made quite a name for herself.

She is also deeply religious and speaks openly about her Christian values.

“God is in everything I do and all my work glorifies Him.”

As is evident in her songs, whether they be gospel, country, blue grass or pop, her values and dependence on God are first and foremost in her work.

Dolly is a genuine country girl at heart. Keep that in mind when you take a look at her home in Los Angeles. Her decor reflects her upbringing and while it might be over the top for some of us, it’s still very ‘Dolly’ and for that, we love her!


Welcome to Dolly’s home in L.A. Personally, I find it endearing and true to who she is, and for that reason alone, I love it!


Elle Decor

I just love how folksy everything is!




Elle Decor

I could totally imagine Dolly herself serving up buttermilk pancakes here.


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But, here I have to ask the obvious question…why a fridge in your bedroom?

And that’s not all! Look closely at this photo. Do you see it?  Hiding, tucked in behind the recliner? Yup. There’s a potty, a few feet away from the bed. Something tells me this is Dolly’s way of making sure her guests are cared for and that they have everything they need right there for them.


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Regardless, it’s very Dolly and it’s HOME to her!


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Thank you, Dolly, for sharing you home with us! 

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