Black Charcoal For A Whiter Smile – What?

So, here’s a FASCINATING and almost completely gross, way to whiten you teeth.


But I think Mama Natural is on to something. Keep reading and click on her video below to learn how this unusual (and natural) product might work for YOU! 🙂


mama natural

When I heard her talk about charcoal, all I could think about was Santa Claus. (it’s a stretch, I know…coal…get it?)

But she’s actually referring to Activated Charcoal you can buy in your pharmacy that serves many purposes. And the one here today is all about whitening your teeth!


mama natural

So, take just a minute and watch Mama Natural show us how to properly brush with charcoal for a brighter smile. She has a few tips for cleanup, too. So tune in and smile on!

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