Drying Hydrangeas For Decor Is All About The Timing

Do you have hydrangea bushes?  Drying hydrangeas can preserve their beauty for years, but the timing of the cutting and drying is the secret to success.

Late summer brings the end of many flower blooming cycles.  Some varieties, however, dry beautifully and allow us to enjoy them for months and even years to come.



Hearth & Vine is a pro at this method and advises that the key is to time the cutting perfectly.  You want to wait until the colors are just beginning to fade and slightly dry to the touch.  Once the drying process is complete, try spraying lightly with hairspray to fix the petals.  Arrangements can last for years if cared for properly.  We also love the idea of lightly spraying with metallic spray paint to take these blooms into the Christmas season.  How lovely!


You Don’t Need Many Supplies When Drying Hydrangeas:

  • live hydrangea plant
  • garden snips
  • bucket or vase
  • water
  • hairspray (optional)
Hearth & Vine explains how she does it.


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