Simple Fast Food Tricks Will Upgrade Your Meal!

When your days and weekends are busy with work, soccer games, church, volunteer work and more, you’re GRATEFUL for fast food restaurants. So why not get the best deals available?

Here are some fast food short-cuts and hacks that can save you money! Now that’s a WIN-WIN!


1. For only $.30 more, you can add a Dorito shell when you order the Cheesy Gordito Crunch at Taco Bell. 


Eduardo Munoz / Reuters / Landov

2. Want a Big Mac for less? Order the McDouble without ketchup & mustard and ask for some Big Mac sauce instead. 


Oliver Berg / DPA / Landov

3. Want a ‘real’ egg on your breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s? Ask for the egg they use on the McMuffin and you’ll be set!


Mike Blake / Reuters / Landov

4. When you order the McDonald’s Mocha, as for hot fudge to be added…because it’s worth it!


Brendan McDermid / Reuters / Landov

5. Want more meat in your burrito from Chipotle? Order 1/2 of two different meats on your Chipotle Burrito and you’ll get bigger portions. 


Michael Tercha / MCT / Landov

6. Always customize your order at Burger King. This insures it will be made ‘your way’ and super fresh! 


Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters / Landov

7. McDonald’s will steam your burger buns upon request. This will insure the buns will be fresh and warm. 


Christoph Schmidt / DPA / Landov

8. Want a bigger bang for your buck at Arby’s? Purchase 2 Junior Roast Beef sandwiches instead of 1 Regular. Get more for less! 


Fred Prouser / Reuters / Landov

9. A free Venti water at Starbucks is far cheaper than the bottle water they sell for $2.


Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters / Landov

10. McDonald’s Grilled Cheese! Who knew? And they do it right…turning buns inside out with cheese in the middle. YUM!


Bill Hogan / MCT / Landov

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