13 Cooking Spray Uses To Make Life So Much Easier

You might want to buy an extra can of cooking spray because we are about to blow your mind with all the ways you can use it!

Cooking spray has become almost as common in kitchens as salt and pepper.  It’s actually been on the market since 1961 (we didn’t know it had been around that long) and most home cooks swear by its effectiveness in keeping foods from sticking while cooking.  But it turns out there are a boatload of other ways and places to put it to use!



Thanks to One Good Thing for this excellent list of cooking spray uses.  You may actually want to buy a can for each room in the house!



Cooking spray is not just for scrambling eggs anymore!  Use it to:

  • Silence squeaky hinges
  • Remove bugs from cars
  • Loosen stiff locks
  • Make homemade popcorn
  • Prevent stains on plastic containers
  • Keep fishing line from snagging
  • Make cheese grating less messy
  • Lubricate the snow shovel
  • Set your nail polish
  • Clean soap scum
  • Shape burger patties
  • Measure sticky liquids
  • Make slicing and dicing easier
Wow!  That’s a lot of great tips!  Visit One Good Thing for all the details!


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